(2011-12) Strategic Project – UI 408 – 2011-2012. Principal Investigator. National Project, grant by FCT (PEst-OE/EEI/UI0408/2011). Funding received: 259.998€. participants: FCUL.

LaSIGE provides a research environment to its members that fosters innovation and the creation of new paradigms for the development of IT solutions based on novel technologies.

Recently, LaSIGE has been subject to a major reorganization, aimed at making it transition from a cluster of small groups working mostly independently to a research unit whose research strategy is based on articulated research lines, with well-defined scientific objectives and aligned with the current trends of international research.

The Strategic Project for 2011-2012 has the main goal of making the recently created research-line orientation sustainable, by consolidating its structure internally, and by externally asserting the unit as a pole of excellence in the several lines. We expect this to be catalized by the effects of the recently implemented research quality framework, which was made effective at the start of 2011 and has defined key performance indicators for assessing the scientific production and impact of the permanent members of LaSIGE.

To pursue this endeavor, the expected funding will support:

  • The hiring of new junior and senior researchers.
  • The reinforcement and renewal of the lab’s shared infrastructure.
  • The dissemination of LaSIGE activities within the research community.
  • The strengthening of ties with research organizations and advanced partner industries, interested in leveraging newly developed technologies for the creation of innovative products and processes.

This Strategic Project will help reinforcing the research lines and spur new synergies among them, which will contribute to the quality improvement goals that we have set for the funding period.

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