Cognitive Mapping

(1997-99). Cognitive Mapping of the Negotiation Processes. Financed by FCT (PRAXIS/PCSH/P/PSI/77/96, Medida Ciências Sociais e Humanas). National Project. Participants: IST/Portugal, INESC/portugal, ISCTE/Portugal.

The objective the project Cognitive Mapping of the Negotiations Processes is the study of the cognitive aspects involved in negotiation in organisations, using the theory and methodology of cognitive maps, supported by dedicated computational tools. It is, therefore, an interdisciplinary project combining teams from Social and Computer Sciences. A primary project contribution is a better comprehension of the causal reasoning underlying the strategies developed by negotiators, thus providing the means to improve the negotiation support systems and enhance the managers negotiation expertise. In practical terms the project aims to access the cognitive maps of negotiators before the negotiation and after its completion, confronting them with their initial plans and the recorded negotiation process itself. This approach will be applied to several typical scenarios, with expert and non-expert negotiators, and using or not decision support systems. The specification and analysis of the cognitive maps will be supported by a computational tool, specifically adapted to the social psychology models, concepts and methods and adjusted to the national context. The developments will focus on the usability, and expert fuzzy modelling aspects with the intent to improve the researcher’s efficiency in the analysis and study of the steered theme.

Projects’ Documentation


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Technical Reports

L. Carriço, P. Antunes, and N. Guimarães, Visual Reflection: Language, Action and Feedback, Instituto Superior Técnico, July, 1999.

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